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BackStop Neural to Showcase Thin Film-Based Spinal Cord Electrodes at the Bioelectronic Medicine Forum 2024

Hosted at the New York Academy of Medicine, this 7th annual event highlights leaders within the emerging bioelectronic medicine industry.

March 25, 2024 – Backstop Neural, a leader in the race to modernize the spinal cord stimulation electrode array, is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming Bioelectronic Medicine Forum, scheduled to take place at the prestigious New York Academy of Medicine in New York city on April 5, 2024. This seventh annual meeting stands as the premier management and investment conference focused on the burgeoning bioelectronic medicine industry, offering a platform for entrepreneurs and executives to engage with key leaders driving innovation in the field.

The Bioelectronic Medicine Forum presents attendees with an exclusive opportunity to interact with thought leaders and visionaries shaping the future of bioelectronic medicine. With a schedule brimming with presentations and panel discussions featuring experts from both the neuroscience industry and the investment community, participants can expect a wealth of insights and knowledge exchange.

“We are thrilled to welcome BackStop Neural as a presenter at the Bioelectronic Medicine Forum," said Neurotech Reports Editor and Publisher James Cavuoto. "Their innovative contributions to bioelectronic medicine align perfectly with the spirit of exploration and advancement that defines our conference. We look forward to their presentation, which promises to offer valuable insights and inspire further breakthroughs in the field of bioelectronic medicine.”

Sessions at the forum will delve into a diverse array of technologies and indications for bioelectronic medicine, spanning applications in cardiovascular medicine, inflammation, gastrointestinal disorders, and various other clinical specialties. Attendees will have the privilege of learning from leading researchers and entrepreneurs who are spearheading the development of clinically and commercially promising products, including implanted vagus nerve stimulation systems for treating hypertension and surface stimulation devices targeting a range of disorders.

"We are excited to showcase our innovations at the Bioelectronic Medicine Forum 2024," said BackStop Neural Chief Product Officer Kial Gramley. "This event serves as a pivotal platform for fostering collaboration, sharing insights, and advancing the field of bioelectronic medicine.

BackStop Neural extends its gratitude to the organizers of the Bioelectronic Medicine Forum for the opportunity to participate in this influential event and anticipates fruitful discussions and collaborations that will further propel innovation in bioelectronic medicine.

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About BackStop Neural

BackStop Neural is a pioneering medical technology company that specializes in developing advanced spinal cord stimulation solutions for individuals suffering from chronic pain and neurological disorders. Through cutting-edge neurostimulation technology, the company strives to provide patients with a renewed sense of hope and freedom from debilitating conditions. With a team of dedicated experts and a patient-centered approach, BackStop Neural aims to transform the landscape of chronic pain relief and motor recovery.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Kial Gramley, Chief Product Officer

(956) 219-6752


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