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Serving Your Cervical SCS Needs

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BackStop Neural is developing a spinal cord stimulation (SCS) system with a novel lead featuring thin film electrodes encapsulated with a softening polymer.

Our thinner leads enable neuromodulation of the cervical spine to better address the needs of underserved patient populations with chronic neck and arm pain.

Our product will expand the $2B SCS market for chronic pain as well as the emerging market for functional motor recovery.

Over 55 million U.S. adults (> 1 in 5) suffer from chronic pain. Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) can alleviate chronic back pain, and BackStop Neural is extending this therapy to neck and arm pain. Our superior materials also allow our devices to conform to the spinal cord thereby maintaining close contact with nerve targets and reducing the risk of lead migration.

We are commercializing softening cervical SCS leads with stable, high charge-injection capacity titanium nitride electrodes.

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​Softening Polymers
Allow devices to be stiff for insertion and to soften in the body to conform to the spinal cord

​Thin Devices
Ideal for the cervical spinal cord and its narrow epidural space

Significant technology advancement over handmade electrodes in thick, silicone rubber or polyimide


Ms. Manz is a former MIT, Draper, and UT Dallas researcher turned entrepreneur. She previously managed a $2M+ budget for the Advanced Polymer Research Laboratory and Center for Engineering Innovation at UT Dallas and has been awarded more than $3M in corporate grants and subawards from DARPA and the NIH since 2016.  

Dr. Voit is a serial entrepreneur, DARPA Director’s Fellow, and tenured professor at UT Dallas with a background in CS and materials science and engineering. He has 150+ peer-reviewed publications, and his additive manufacturing start-up, Adaptive3D, was recently acquired by Desktop Metal (NYSE: DM).

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Dr. Carmel is the Weinberg Family Associate Professor of Neurology and Director of the Movement Recovery Laboratory at Columbia. Dr. Carmel is a neurologist and motor systems neuroscientist with expertise in animal models of human disease and clinical neurology. His research interests focus on spinal cord injury and repair.  

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“BackStop Neural's innovative contributions to bioelectronic medicine align perfectly with the spirit of exploration and advancement that defines our conference.”

James Cavuoto, Neurotech Reports Editor and Publisher

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